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The BCCG National Executive acknowledge the following sponsors whose support we not only appreciate but value immensely. We further recognise that our shared commitment to a common community of interest has been beneficial to the BCCG, we hope the relationship has resulted in reciprocal benefits.

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If you would like to become a BCCG Sponsor, please review the documents at the bottom of this page. 

Platinum Sponsors

Barfoot & Thompson Body Corporate

Barfoot & Thompson Body Corporate takes the worry out of living in a multi-unit complex with shared spaces. We work together with residents and tenants in apartments, townhouses, car parks, industrial units and commercial offices and then support them in an administrative and advisory role to ensure that things run smoothly. 
We have also worked with BCCG Auckland since 2017, we believe the BCCG provides a great resource to owners in body corporates, in an industry that is not well understood. Barfoot & Thompson is eager to continue our relationship and together, improve understanding right across the body corporate sector.

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Brosnan Limited

Brosnan is a specialist provider of remediation, refurbishment, restoration and maintenance of multi-unit residential buildings. Our commitment to BCCG includes offering our resources and specialists to support BCCG's education and training initiatives.

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Commonview is a simple, intuitive, and sustainable platform for creating and maintaining long term maintenance plans (LTMP) and reserve funds.
With increased accuracy, control and forecasting, common view provides greater confidence through shared visibility, transparency and responsibility.

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Gold Sponsors

Active Building Management

Active Building Management is a professional company specialising in building management, maintenance, grounds, cleaning, and after-hours assistance services which together, ensure all aspects of your building operates effectively and efficiently. We have been enthusiastic supporters of the BCCG since 2017.  We share their goal of enhancing skills and knowledge in body corporate Chairs and Committees and are ready to contribute building management advice and support where we can.  

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Wallace McLean Limited

Wallace McLean has specialised in arranging insurance for Bodies Corporate for nearly 20 years. We act as insurance brokers for well over 500 separate Bodies Corporate, arranging both their property and liability insurances.

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ANOROC Remediation 

ANOROC specialises in the remediation of multi-level and multi-unit buildings, providing the all-important experienced interface between a Representative Committee and those who will be engaged to provide the overall remedial solution. We are a long-term supporter (albeit from a distance) and company member of BCCG.  ANOROC’s ideology “To Inform is To Educate” is in close alignment with the values and mission of BCCG. 

MacMillan Plumbing & Gas Limited

MacMillan Plumbing & Gas is a family business, operating for over 18 years. We specialise in all types of work from small residential maintenance right through to large new commercial work and all levels of maintenance... 

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Auckland City Living Management Limited

Established in 2011, Auckland City-Living Management Ltd specialises in building and property management services. As a REINZ-accredited agency, we are also dedicated to providing comprehensive management solutions for Body Corporates. Proudly affiliated with BCCG, the organisation offers members invaluable expertise in unit title management and fosters a supportive networking environment.

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Silver Sponsors

Becoming a BCCG Sponsor

To find out more about becoming a sponsor of the BCCG Inc. please review the following documents. Contact us at bccg@bccg.org.nz if you have any questions.

BCCG Sponsorship Policy (2021)

BCCG Sponsorship Application Form 

'Sample' BCCG Sponsorship Agreement

To become a sponsor simply complete the BCCG Application Form and submit it to the Secretary, BCCG Inc. at nat.admin@bccg.org.nz.
Upon approval of your application, we will forward you a personalised BCCG Sponsorship Agreement for signature and following that, an invoice corresponding to your selected level of sponsorship.

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