Membership Benefits

Why join BCCG?

  • Access valuable education, training and resources: Interactive training sessions and our dedication to sharing insightful resources will help your body corporate management skills flourish
  • Receive timely news and industry updates: You'll be informed and educated on the latest legislation and regulation changes
  • Influence policy decisions: Our collective voice serves as a strong and reliable information source to policy makers in charge of legislative and regulatory matters
  • Network and liaise with like minded people: BCCG events and communication platforms are carefully designed to ensure effortless knowledge and experience sharing
  • Connect and save with other businesses and services: Our combined purchasing power and relationship with associate organisations results in savings across industries
  • Receive advocacy and support: Your opinion and concerns heard and understood by BCCG leaders

Apply online now

You can pay to become a full financial member. See Membership Types & Rates for an explanation of the advantages of full financial membership.
If you just want to subscribe to our mailing list, an endorsement from your BC Chair or your Company representative will be required.  Contact or your BCCG Branch Secretary. 

You can also apply manually, download the membership form below, enter your details and email a copy to the Secretary of your chosen Branch at the address shown on the form.

Membership Application Form 2024 - Word document
Membership Application Form 2024 - PDF document

If you pay your invoice by direct credit or via online banking, please ensure that you include the following details:

  • BC membership: Invoice number and BC number or BC name
  • Company associate membership: Invoice number, Company name and your name
  • individual associate membership: Invoice number and your name

Membership renewal

You will be sent a renewal reminder and an invoice towards the end of the BCCG financial year (June). Payment of this invoice will renew your membership.
If you didn't receive a renewal reminder or an invoice; or you didn't renew then but want to now, please contact

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