Our Team - 2021/2022

National Executive

Tim Jones, National President

Tim has been Chair of his BC since 2019. He joined the committee of the Auckland Branch in 2020 and was elected to the National Executive in the same year.

Tim is one of New Zealand's foremost property lawyers and has been a regular legal adviser to the land development industry. He has over 38 years of experience at Glaister Ennor advising land developers with small lot subdivisions as well as those with multi-lot subdivisions or multi-unit apartment developments. Tim stepped out from practising with a firm in 2018 to become a specialist barrister advising on all aspects of land and property law and unit title law. He now provides advice to other law firms who instruct him on a broad range of property, land and unit title issues.

Tim has an intimate understanding of land development, unit title law and practice and the various statutes that apply such as the Land Transfer Act 2017, Property Law Act 2007, Unit Titles Act 2010 and others. His keen interest and understanding of the law, practice and knowledge of unit titles led to his being a co-author of a paper commissioned by the then Auckland Regional Council in 2003 which was a catalyst for the review of the Unit Titles Act 1972 and culminated in the passing of the Unit Titles Act 2010.

During the 2000's and subsequently Tim has been heavily involved in providing advice to all parts of the unit title industry - assisting bodies corporate, unit title property owners and body corporate managers.

Tim was elected BCCG National Vice President in 2020 and to the National President role at the 2021 National AGM.

Lyn Gillingham, National Vice-President

Lyn was Chair of her BC from 2011 until 2020. In that time, she was involved in two remediations, the introduction of a professional building management company to the complex, documentation of procedures and projects, and the management of operating and Long Term Maintenance budgets and funds.

Lyn was the foundation Chair of the Auckland branch of BCCG and has held the role continuously since September 2014. She became involved due to recognition of the need for better resources and the education of BC Chairs and committees. Lyn says the BCCG is an ideal forum to share skills and experiences and to promote good governance, as well as providing opportunities to work with other groups to press for legislative changes to the Unit Titles Act.

Lyn was National President of BCCG from 2019 until 2022, having previously been Vice President (2017) and Co-President (2018).

Lyn is a director of Asante Designer Jewellery Ltd, Auckland, she semi-retired from that role in 2021.

Lyn stood down as BCCG National President at the 2021 National AGM (held February 2022) and was elected to the role of National Vice-President. 

Karl Hutton, National Secretary

Karl is the Chair of a 60-unit mixed-use BC and has been in the role since 2011. During that time he has led the development of a LTMP and adjusted levies to ensure the Plan is properly funded. His BC is about to embark on a remediation (2020) initiated by waterproof membranes which are failing prematurely.

Karl trained as a civil engineer and became a Registered Engineering Associate (REA) in 1975. He worked in private sector construction and consulting engineering roles in the 1970s and 1980s. He was recruited by the RNZ Navy in 1982 and became the senior Construction Engineer overseeing a mixed military and civilian team responsible for maintenance and development of all shore-based facilities in NZ. He retired from the Navy after a 15-year career and took a position with the Ministry of Education as property portfolio manager for the Northern Region; a role he held for 10 years.

Karl retired from full time employment in 2016. He joined the committee of the Auckland Branch in 2017 and was elected to the National Executive in 2019. He was elected Secretary of the Auckland Branch and National Secretary in 2020.

National Treasurer

Callagher & Co Chartered Accountants Ltd

Maggie Miller, National Executive Member

Maggie has been on body corporate committees since 2003 and was both Chair and Treasurer of a 17 unit Body Corporate in Mt Victoria for more than 12 years. During that time she managed settlement proceedings in respect of weather tightness claim and also managed the remedial project works which were successfully completed within budget.

While still a member of that committee, Maggie is also an active member of an 8 unit Body Corporate in Kelburn where she currently lives.

As a self-employed contractor, she provides secretarial, accounting and property management services to residential companies, bodies corporate and similar entities. She has in the past worked as a legal executive, held various Government department positions involving land and housing administration and was a former Private Secretary to the Minister of Housing. She has also worked in public relations.

Maggie has been a BCCG Wellington Branch Committee member since 2017 and was elected Wellington Branch chair in 2018.

As Wellington Branch chair, Maggie also sits on the National Executive.

Sheryl Langley, National Executive Member

Sheryl has been BC Chair for two Body Corporates since around 2010. Although both Body Corporates are smaller self-managed complexes, they vary greatly in type, construction, and culture of the residents and the Body Corporates. She has held a number of positions within BCCG Wellington Branch and has been National Executive Secretary since inception. Sheryl also manages her own rental properties.

An experienced administrator and business person, Sheryl brings a quiet order to BCCG proceedings, and her inputs are highly valued by BCCG.

Karin Knedler, National Executive Member

Karin has worked mainly in senior public sector science and policy positions. Her involvement with bodies corporate began in 1996 with owning units, initially in Wellington and then Auckland. Her experience in body corporate matters includes:

  • 17 years as an active body corporate committee member
  • 14 years as a body corporate secretary
  • co-management of weathertightness remediation

Karin also served as Secretary of the BCCG Wellington Branch from 2015-2019, and as a committee member since then.

She was elected to the BCCG National Executive in 2018 and is also on the BCCG Policy Committee. Her legal and policy background contributes to discussion and implementation of better governance.

Wendy Baker, National Executive Member

Wendy is a senior body corporate manager with Auckland Body Corporate Ltd.  She has a wealth of body corporate and strata title management experience and knowledge, having worked in the industry since 2013.  

She has lead and trained body corporate management teams and specialises in complexes experiencing weathertightness, seismic, large maintenance and legal issues.  

Wendy has been a member of the SCA(NZ) executive board and a member of the Professional Standards Management Board Advisory Group (PSMBAG) for Australia and New Zealand and an invited guest speaker at the ADLS/SCANZ seminars for three consecutive years.  Wendy also has an extensive background in business ownership and management.

Wendy was elected to the BCCG National Executive at the 2021 National AGM.  

Life Members

Neil Cooper

Neil co-founded the Body Corporate Chairs' Group in 2012 with a vision that by combining their knowledge and skills, chairpersons could assist one another, along with input from other professionals, to establish higher levels of body corporate governance. He also felt that a single national organisation that spoke for chairpersons collectively, would be beneficial.

He has had extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector for several decades. His body corporate experience started in Auckland in 2001 and he became chair of his body corporate in Wellington in 2009. Since 2007 he has been a manager in several government departments.

Neil had been on the BCCG Wellington branch committee and National President since the group's inception but stepped down from these roles in 2017. He continued on the National Executive until 2018 when he stepped down from all executive duties. Neil remains an active member of BCCG through the membership of his home BC.

In recognition of his outstanding services to BCCG, Neil was made a Life Member in 2018.

David Watt

David was Treasurer of BCCG Auckland from 2015 until April 2020 when, sadly, he passed away. He was a founding committee member of the Auckland Branch, and had previously served on the National Executive. David rejoined the National Executive in 2017.

He was BC chair from 2010 until his passing, leading changes to rules and structure arising from the Unit Titles Act 2010 and its regulations and the introduction of Long-Term Maintenance plans. His BC has achieved initial compliance with the new Health and Safety requirements. He shared this experience with BCCG members in a case study in 2016.

An accountant, David has worked in a major corporate and a number of New Zealand horticulture export organisations and local supply chain businesses. More recently he worked, on a contract basis, in project management before retiring from full time employment in 2017. David was elected as National Treasurer in 2018.

In recognition of his outstanding commitment and service to BCCG, David was awarded Life Membership in April 2020.

Wendy Booth

Wendy is also one of the co-founders of the BCCG, working with Neil to establish the organisation. She was a BC Chair from 2010. Hers was a particularly challenging body corporate, involving three different types of buildings in a single complex, giving her direct experience of the challenges of ownership and utility interest within the context of weathertight and earthquake prone buildings.

Her expertise in project management has helped with managing significant and major projects within the BC and enabled her to lead the BCCG's lobby for Government support for BCs whose buildings have been declared earthquake prone and subject to time constrained repair orders.

Wendy has been Treasurer of the Wellington Branch and a National Executive member from the outset.

Wendy stepped down from the National Treasurer's role in 2018 but transitioned back to the role following the passing of David Watt in April 2020. She remains an elected National Executive Member and Wellington Branch Treasurer and will continue covering the National Treasurer role until a suitable replacement can be found.

In recognition of her contribution at Branch Committee and National Executive levels over ten years, including extensive extra-curricular work in support of the BCCG's objectives as well as her Treasurer duties, Wendy was awarded Life Membership in December 2020.

Robert Boyd-Bell

Robert is a retired Television and Film Journalist and Producer. He remains a Director of his company Kaitiaki Productions Limited. He was foundation Secretary of the Auckland branch of the BCCG from 2014 until 2020.

He was Chair of his body corporate, comprising 185 apartments in a 33 storey inner-city building, for four years. He stood down from the Chair in 2016 while his knee was replaced but remained Secretary, he subsequently resumed the role of Chair in 2020.

As a newcomer to inner-city living, and in 2012 to the role of BC Chair, Robert has valued the ability to join and share his experience with others in the BCCG. He says he has learned a great deal and has much more to learn. He was elected to the National Executive in 2015 and has served in various roles including National co-President in the 2018/19 business year.

In recognition of his commitment and service to the BCCG at both Branch Committee and National Executive levels, Robert was awarded Life Membership in June 2021.

Sue Glyde 

Sue has been a Body Corporate Chair since 2007. She has survived everything from a major seismic strengthening project to asbestos roof and switchboard replacements, but is lucky to have a small, cooperative BC. 

She joined BCCG when it started in 2012, was a Wellington Branch committee member from 2013 - 2016, was Branch co-Chair in 2017 and provided support to the committee for a further two years. Sue was instrumental in the implementation of the BCCG website in 2016, and continues to provide technical support from time to time 

In recognition of her constant commitment to the BCCG at both Branch Committee and National Executive levels, Sue was awarded Life Membership in August 2021.  Sue was a foundation member of the BCCG.

Auckland Branch

Lyn Gillingham, Chair

Lyn is also BCCG National Vice-President. See above for profile.


Callagher & Co Chartered Accountants Ltd

Karl Hutton, Secretary

Karl is also the BCCG National Secretary. See above for profile.

Tim Jones, Committee Member

Tim is also the BCCG National President. See above for profile.

Noelene Buckland, Committee Member

Noelene has been a BC Chair for 16 years. She has years of experience in Local Government, both as an elected member and as a senior manager. Noelene has also been Chair of the Auckland City Centre Residents Group for 2 years.

Her qualifications and experience include Master of Management (University of Auckland), Certificate in Company Direction (NZ Institute of Directors), Associate of the Mediator and Arbitrators Institute, strategic planning, project management, policy analysis, change management and relationship management.

Tony Brindle, Committee Member

Based in the Bay of Plenty, Tony is Managing Director of New Zealand Body Corporate Ltd and is a BC Administrator/Consultant.

Tony served on the Auckland branch committee of BCCG for three years from 2017 including as National Vice President for two of those years.

Tony has a 30 year background in the hospitality industry, with the past 15 years being in the ownership of a five star Apartment Management Rights operation. This has given Tony a wealth of body corporate administration knowledge. He has a very sound ownership and operating knowledge in all characteristics pertaining to Executive Corporate Motel, Hotel, and Apartment Management Rights

Tony's return to the Auckland committee offers opportunity for the BCCG to expand its reach in the Bay of Plenty.

Julian Smith, Committee Member

Julian is and independent director with 12 years governance experience having retired from his executive career in 2019 as the Chief Customer Officer for Meridian Energy where he was responsible for $1.2b in revenue and a team of 400. Julian is a chartered member of the Institute of Directors and currently sits on 3 boards.

Julian is the chair of the body corporate and committee for The Residences Luxury Apartment complex at 26 Albert Street, Auckland and am also a member of the body corporate committee for The Connaught Residential Apartments at 14 Waterloo Quadrant, also in Auckland.

He has significant experience in complex stakeholder management and public relations (public and private sectors) and worked in a range of international markets across Asia, Australasia, the Middle East and the UK. He holds an LLB and BCom from the University of Auckland.

Wellington Branch

Maggie Miller, Chair

As Branch Chair, Maggie also sits on the National Executive. See above for profile.


Callagher & Co Chartered Accountants Ltd

Sheryl Langley, Secretary

Sheryl is also an elected member of the BCCG National Executive. See above for profile.

Karin Knedler, Committee Member

Karin is also an elected member of the BCCG National Executive. See above for profile.

Mike Thompson, Committee Member

Mike has been on the Monument Apartments Body Corporate Committee since 2016 and Chair since 2019.

Since retiring from the New Zealand Army after 33 years' service, Mike has been a New Zealand Defence Force civilian working as a Director in the International Branch of the Ministry of Defence. His primary focus has been on New Zealand bilateral and multilateral defence relationships with Asia.

Mike was active in school governance for over two decades including primary, intermediate and secondary schools in Wellington eastern suburbs. He has been Chairperson of three boards of trustees.

Mike was elected to the Wellington Branch Committee in 2020.

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