Our Team

National Executive

Neil Cooper, Co-President

Neil originally trained as an econometrician and has been a secondary school teacher, college of education lecturer and university academic before moving into senior management in the tertiary education sector in 1990. Since 2007 he has been a manager in several government departments.

He has had extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector for several decades. His body corporate experience started in Auckland in 2001 and he became chair of his body corporate in Wellington in 2009.

Neil co-founded the Body Corporate Chairs’ Group in 2012 with a vision that by combining their knowledge and skills, chairpersons could assist one another, along with input from other professionals, to establish higher levels of body corporate governance. He also felt that a single national organisation that spoke for chairpersons collectively, would be beneficial.

Neil has been on the BCCG Wellington branch committee and National President since the group’s inception.

Wendy Booth, Co-President and Treasurer

Wendy is also one of the co-founders of the BCCG, working with Neil to establish the organisation. She has been a BC Chair since 2010. Hers is a particularly challenging body corporate, involving three different types of buildings in a single complex, giving her direct experience of the challenges of ownership and utility interest. 

Her expertise in project management has helped with managing a couple of major projects within the BC.

Wendy has been Treasurer of the Wellington Branch and National Executive from the outset. 

Lyn Gillingham, Vice president

Lyn has been Chair of her BC since 2011. In that time, she has been involved in a remediation, the introduction of a professional building management company to the complex, documentation of procedures and projects, and the management of operating and Long Term Maintenance budgets and funds.

Lyn is the foundation Chair of the Auckland branch of BCCG from September 2014. She became involved due to recognition of the need for better resources and the education of BC Chairs and committees. Lyn says the BCCG is an ideal forum to share skills and experiences and to promote good governance, as well as providing opportunities to work with other groups to press for legislative changes to the Unit Titles Act.

Lyn is a director of Asante Designer Jewellery Ltd, Auckland.

Also Chair of the the Auckland Branch.

Robert Boyd-Bell

Robert is a retired Television and Film Journalist and Producer, and also a Director of his private company Kaitiaki Productions Limited. Robert has been Secretary of the Auckland branch of the BCCG since its formation, and Chair of his body corporate for two years. He stood down from the Chair in 2016 but remains Secretary.

As a newcomer to inner-city living and to the Chair's role in a BC building of 33 floors and 185 apartments, Robert has valued the ability to join and share his experience with others in the BCCG. He says he has learned a lot and has much more to learn.

Also the secretary of the Auckland Branch.

Toni Millar

Toni was elected the inaugural BC Chair and BC Committee Chair in 2015. Her involvement included setting up the committee, dealing with new build challenges (including a ‘Need to Fix’ order from Auckland Council) and continuing to deal with development faults and flaws.

Toni has extensive governance experience including: trustee of NZ’s largest philanthropic organisation, board member and chair of finance and risk of a Crown Entity, past Auckland City Councillor, past Chair of the Eastern Bays Community Board, with Institute of Directors NZ certification. Toni has also run her own business. She is a qualified Commissioner/Chair for Resource Consents under the RMA.

Her community involvement includes: Past President - Rotary Club of St Johns Inc., fighting to save/create parks and open spaces for the community to enjoy, Friends of Auckland Art Gallery.

Also a committee member for the Auckland Branch.

Graeme Grieve

Graeme has been a body corporate Chair of a large inner city apartment building for over 10 years and committee member of the BCCG Wellington Branch and National Executive since its establishment.

He is a Chartered Accountant with an active interest in property and Bodies Corporate, with a keen interest in the development of public policy to benefit body corporate owners and to help Chairs navigate the difficulties of running a Body Corporate.

Graeme was instrumental in creating the initial BCCG website and initiating the move to the new website in 2016.

Also a committee member for the Wellington Branch.

Wellington Branch

David Cuthbert, Co-chair

David is the BC chair of a small apartment building in Karori. He has held the position since 2008 and over the last few years has been working on seismic strengthening issues. He joined the BCCG after attending the 2016 earthquake-prone building seminars. He became a branch committee member and then agreed to become co-chair, taking responsibility for National Executive matters.

Prior to his retirement David worked in the parliamentary complex for more than 15 years, including nine years as a senior policy advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister and then a senior Cabinet minister.

David has extensive governance experience, being a member of the Victoria University Council for a decade and he chairs the university’s Joint Student Union Board. He was an external member of the NZ Union of Student Associations board for some years and is now a board member of the NZ Rail and Locomotive Society and the member of the NZ Ship and Marine Society national executive.

Sue Glyde, Co-chair

Sue has lived in a small apartment building since 2000, taking over the BC Chair role in 2007. She has navigated her BC through seismic strengthening, as well as the legislative changes over the last few years.

Her involvement with the BCCG started in its early days, initially as a member, before joining the committee and taking on the co-chair role in 2016. Sue has also given presentations to members on various topics, including her experiences of seismic strengthening.

Sue has a background in the IT industry, but has recently opted for early retirement. This allowed greater involvement in the BCCG, including working with the Wellington Inner City Association on matters related to earthquake prone buildings.

Karin Knedler, Secretary

Karin has worked in senior government science and policy positions for 30 years. Her involvement with bodies corporate began in 1996 with unit ownership, initially in Wellington and then Auckland. Her experience in body corporate matters includes:

  • 17 years as an active body corporate committee member
  • 14 years as a body corporate secretary
  • co-management of weathertightness remediation

Her legal and policy background enables her to contribute to better governance.

Karin was first elected Secretary of the BCCG Wellington Branch in 2015 and has been active in committee matters and in planning the 2016 Wellington Earthquake Seminar Series.

Suzanne Green

Suzanne has owned her inner city apartment since 2010, but for the first three years was living and working overseas as an ESL teacher. She became a member of the Body Corporate committee when she returned in 2013 and took over as Chair in May 2015.

As a result of the 2016 earthquake, parts of the complex, namely the car parking ramp (access for both public and private parking) and the lift and stairwell were structurally damaged. This has meant she has become heavily involved with earthquake repair and remedial work assessments and processes.

Suzanne, who is now working locally as an ESL teacher, became a member of the BCCG’s Wellington branch committee, after last year’s Chair and committee elections.

Several members of the National Executive are also on the Wellington Branch Committee: Wendy Booth (Treasurer), Neil Cooper and Graeme Grieve.

Auckland Branch

Lyn Gillingham, Chair

Lyn is the Vice-president of the BCCG National Executive. See above for bio.

David Watt, Treasurer

David was appointed as Treasurer of BCCG Auckland in July 2015, having been a founding committee member. His experience in BC matters started in 2006 when he was elected to the inaugural committee for a new building, so has experienced the teething issues that arise when a new committee is handed over the reins from the developers.

He has been BC chair since 2010, leading changes to rules and structure arising from the Unit Titles Act 2010 and its regulations and the introduction of Long Term Maintenance plans. His BC has achieved initial compliance with the new Health and Safety requirements and he has shared this experience with BCCG members in a case study in 2016.

An accountant, David has worked in a major corporate and a number of New Zealand horticulture export organisations and local supply chain businesses. He has more recently worked on a contract basis in project management, and is now retired from full time employment.

Tony Brindle

Based in the Bay of Plenty, Tony is a Director of Property Managers Ltd and a body corporate manager.

Tony is one of 14 in a workgroup formed by MP Nikki Kaye, which presented the NZ Government with a paper addressing the Unit Titles Act 2010 and Regulations 2011 and its required changes. This has since led to Tony becoming an Auckland executive committee member of the BCCG. He believes the BCCG will give him an added advantage as a positive transparent body corporate administration and consultant operative.

A 30 year background in the hospitality industry, with the past 15 years being in the ownership of a five star Apartment Management Rights operation, has given Tony a wealth of body corporate administration knowledge. He has a very sound ownership and operating knowledge in all characteristics pertaining to Executive Corporate Motel, Hotel, and Apartment Management Rights.

Frances Horton

Frances has been a body corporate chair since 2011. The complex required a comprehensive re-cladding remedial process after the discovery of serious leaks and inadequate construction methods. This process was a steep learning curve, and is now completed to full compliance standards.

Frances’ background is in teaching and para-legal roles, specialising in the Trustee industry. Along with being Chair of her BC, Frances enjoys contributing to the Auckland Branch of the BCCG, works at AUT as an examination invigilator, is managing trustee for a commercial-residential trust, and is administrative trustee on two other trusts.

Toni Millar and Robert Boyd-Bell from the National Executive are also Auckland Branch Committee members.

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