Past Events

Past meetings have included the following topics:

  • Earthquake strengthening
  • Insurance
  • Responsibilities of a BC chair
  • Long term maintenance plans
  • Quality BC management
  • Cost recovery from owners
  • Choosing a BC management company
  • Financial management
  • How to run a great BC AGM
  • How to create a great BC environment
  • Honoraria for BC chair/committee members
  • Ownership and Utility Interest
  • Rules - what's missing?
  • Legal Obligations of the BC
  • Building Warrant of Fitness
  • Leaky Buildings
  • Remedial projects
  • Electric vehicle charging

BCCG Financial Members can view material from these meetings, including videos in some cases - see Members Resources.

Future meetings are based on an annual survey of members to ensure that the needs of BC chairs are continually being met.

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