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The Body Corporate ownership model

A Body Corporate is a collective of unit owners within a multi-unit building or complex (called a Unit Title Development).  The Body Corporate is the legal entity which “owns” the building or complex which your unit is part of. 

If you are the owner of a unit, you are, by default, a member of the body corporate.

Most Body Corporates are governed by an elected Chair and a Committee, they are bound by the Unit Titles Act and Regulations.

We represent body corporate Chairs and Committees and promote good governance

We share information with Chairs, Committees and service providers. Our aim is to enhance skills and knowledge. 

Do you want to know more about:

  • the Body Corporate ownership model?
  • your role as Body Corporate Chairperson or Committee member?
  • what your responsibilities are under the Unit Titles Act and Regulations?
  • short and long-term building maintenance?
  • how to optimise the cost of insurance?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions then the BCCG is right for you!

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Latest News

20 August 2023

The incident recently reported by the New Zealand Heraldwhere an e-scooter being charged in the Wellington apartment building of a member body corporate, burst into flames has caused BCCG to give some thought and consideration to this issue.  

The problem appears to be quite universal, there was a recent article on the Sydney News about a similar problem in a New York apartment building where an e-bike burst into flames while it was being charged and on 15 August, TVNZ’s Seven Sharp programme featured a controlled house fire to show the dangers of incorrectly charging lithium-ion battery products.  

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1 July 2023

As the various sections of the Unit Titles Amendment Act 2022 progressively come into force there are a number of changes to responsibilities and obligations that members need to be aware of.  

Eight interviews covering the new requirements for Chairs and Committees have been recorded and uploaded to the BCCG website. 

We hope the podcasts will help to improve members’ understanding of, and compliance with, the new requirements. 

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