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The Body Corporate ownership model

A Body Corporate is a collective of unit owners within a multi-unit building or complex (called a Unit Title Development).  The Body Corporate is the legal entity which “owns” the building or complex which your unit is part of. 

If you are the owner of a unit, you are, by default, a member of the body corporate.

Most Body Corporates are governed by an elected Chair and a Committee, they are bound by the Unit Titles Act and Regulations.

We represent body corporate Chairs and Committees and promote good governance

We share information with Chairs, Committees and service providers. Our aim is to enhance skills and knowledge. 

Do you want to know more about:

  • the Body Corporate ownership model?
  • your role as Body Corporate Chairperson or Committee member?
  • what your responsibilities are under the Unit Titles Act and Regulations?
  • short and long-term building maintenance?
  • how to optimise the cost of insurance?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions then the BCCG is right for you!

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Latest News

26 March 2023

BCCG recently concluded two events in the South Island in in response to expressions of interest in our organisation from bodies corporate and residents' societies in the region.  Presentations were held in Christchurch and Queenstown. Both events were well attended indicating there was genuine enthusiasm for BCCG forming a South Island branch. 

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28 October 2022

 The Government (Ministry of Housing and Urban Development) has had the necessary Gazette Notice promulgated the bring into force parts of the Act in 3 stages over the next 18 months.

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