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8 January 2020

OCN newsletters Sept to Dec 2019 now available

6 January 2020

Support for Petition is sought from Unit Title property owners !!!

11 December 2019

Worksafe's asbestos management plan template is now available on-line. More info...

24 April 2019

An update from the NatExec on a wide range of topics including changes to the NatExec itself, the EQC Inquiry and website changes. More info...

8 April 2019

The new Natural Disaster Resilience Strategy takes effect on 10 April 2019. More info...

3 April 2019

Are you interested in a part time (paid) role with BCCG Wellington?

4 February 2019

Bay of Plenty Times has published an article related to litigation arising from construction issues at the Cayman Apartments in Tauranga. More info...

4 February 2019

EQC Public Inquiry terms of reference announced and feedback is sought for BCCG Submission. More info ...

4 February 2019

BCCG recommends a recent report on the background to a low uptake of solar energy installations in Australian apartments. More info...

23 January 2019

BCCG suggests reading a series of recent articles relating to AirBNB. More info...


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