Membership Types and Subscription Rates

Financial members

Financial members can attend all meetings free of charge and will also receive copies of resources presented at each meeting, regardless of whether you attend or not.

The two forms of financial membership are:

Body corporate membership - The body corporate member is the the BC, company share or other form of strata title building occupancy. The BC can choose who represents them at meetings, though meeting content is typically targeted toward chairpersons. Body Corporate members have voting rights.
Note: For a BC member, 2 BC representatives from the Chair/Committee may attend meetings at no additional cost, with a 3rd (anyone from the BC) at a reduced door fee of $20.

Associate membership - There are three types of associate membership and is suited to those from the media industry, BC management companies, public servants, lawyers and others interested in BC management. Associate members do not have voting rights.

The three categories of Associate membership are:

  • Associate - Body corporate management companies
    body corporate secretaries and facility managers
  • Associate - Other companies
    Organisations with a commercial interest in body corporate matters including lawyers, accountants and other professionals that engage with bodies corporate.
  • Associate - Individuals
    Individuals without a commercial interest but who wish to remain connected to body corporate matters including ex-BC chairs and owners of units in a BC.

Casual members

Casual members don't pay any membership fees, but will still be notified about every meeting and receive periodic news emails. In other words, you'll be on our mailing list. You can join as a casual body corporate, associate company or individual.

Casual members can attend meetings by paying a $40 door charge per meeting. This will be credited towards an annual subscription if you decide to become a financial member.

Casual members will not be sent resources after meetings and will not have access to resources on the website.

Membership costs

The BCCG financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June.

Subscription rates for full financial membership for the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 are:

Membership category


Body corporate

1- 9 units: $50

10+ units: $100

Associate - BC management companies


Associate - other companies


Associate members (individual)


Casual (Non-financial) members

No subscription fee. $40 door charge per meeting

BCCG is not GST registered.

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