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In the early 2000’s we learned first-hand about the trauma and financial hardship of owning a “leaky home”. It was discovered that our recently purchased family home within a multi-unit development had systemic weathertightness issues, we were introduced to the remediation process and the resultant financial hardship and emotional stress that the process imposes on owners.

It quickly became apparent that owners, while enthusiastic and keen, lacked experience in the process and were vulnerable as a result. In acknowledgement of this and calling on my military experience in purchasing, commercial contracting and writing of standard operating procedures, I resolved to develop and offer a service that ensured proper planning and coordination of the remediation process.

ANOROC Remediation was formed and has provided consulting services since 2004, specialising since 2007 in advising on remedial solutions and the physical remediation of multi-unit complexes suffering from systemic weathertightness issues. ANOROC has also been engaged over recent years to provide advice on multi-level buildings where a building component or the construction process has failed or is failing due to end of design or service life.

ANOROC provides a specialist remedial interface between the Body Corporate or Commercial Property Manager and all the other parties engaged to deliver the overall solution. Our independence and experience allow us to represent Building Owners, and we are accountable to every Owner on that basis.  ANOROC’s role is to ensure that the Owners’ best interests are held first and foremost at all times. 

As remedial Specialists our expertise lies specifically in planning, facilitating and delivering tailored remedial solutions to the buildings assessed needs, reinstating capital value. Establishing and managing long term relationships with our clients and strategic partners is ANOROC’s strength. 

Our contribution to the project includes research and analysis of all relevant information and presentation of options and recommendations to Building Owners. We assist in timely, informed commercial decision making and then lead the implementation of those decisions, including communicating with those carrying out the actual work.

View this 6 minute podcast to learn more about ANOROC and the role of the Remedial Specialist. 

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