Barfoot & Thompson Body Corporate

Barfoot and Thompson differs from our competitors in that we won’t lock you in to long-term contracts, making things more flexible for owners. In addition, you will have a dedicated primary contact for all your needs. We offer but are not limited to the following services:

  • Prepare full year end financial accounts
  • Prepare and file annual tax and society requirements
  • Administer and run the annual general meeting (AGM)
  • Manage any building compliance and BWOF requirements
  • Provide facilities management services
  • Arrange for bids on repairs and maintenance for common property areas
  • Manage collection of levies (and debts) from owners
  • Operate interest-bearing, independent bank accounts for the complex
  • Manage payment of expenses and manage contractors
  • Maintain a register of proprietors
  • Liaise with third parties on behalf of the complex including contractors, council staff and compliance officers
  • Help the committee enforce compliance of body corporate rules, Memorandums of Lease or Residential Society Covenants
  • Attend Committee meetings as requested
  • Prepare agenda and minutes for Committee meetings
  • Complete periodic site visits to ensure that things are running smoothly and that shared spaces are in good condition
  • All our account managers are equipped with company vehicles, laptops and mobiles. We encourage them to regularly visit the complexes under their management
  • Can meet on site at any time for any requirement
  • Hold securely, any keys or access tags
  • No on-charging - we do not charge for copies of documents or on-charging services for utilities such as water
  • Daily bank reconciliation, accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • 24/7 free access to your body corporate and account information
  • Manage any breaches of rules

Our staff truly love what they do. Hardworking, proactive problem-solvers, all with at least 10 years experience in the industry, with impeccable attention to detail are just a few of the terms used to describe our team of professionals who are passionate about property. They take their role of looking after people’s assets, investments and homes seriously.

We “push all the paper” for your complex so you can have total confidence that someone is looking after your investment. In an advisory capacity, we make certain that rules and regulations are followed, laws adhered to and that interactions between everyone are kept civil. 

Our pricing and fee structure guarantees that there will be no financial surprises when it comes to our services, necessary repairs or planned maintenance. All accounts containing levies collected are held in a totally separate bank account owned by the body corporate (or resident society) with BNZ, so you can see where your property’s funds sit at any time.  

Call us today to find out what we can do for you and your multi-unit property!

Phone 09 834 8425

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