Event Details

Wellington - Insurance: your biggest bill!

22 May 2017
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
CQ Hotel, 223 Cuba Street, Wellington

Insurance premiums are the biggest operating expense for most BCs. Recent events have had an impact, so it's time to revisit this important topic.

There will be a number of speakers from the insurance world: 
  • a broker, James Shearing from Crombie Lockwood
  • a representative from the Insurance Council
  • the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman, Karen Stevens 
They will look at the current state of the industry post the Kaikoura quake, what the outlook is likely to be over the next year or two, along with specific issues such as the fire service levy increases. You will also receive practical advice on how to get the best deal, how to tackle the claims process and what do if it all goes wrong.

You should leave with a better understanding of the challenges facing the industry and what it means for your premiums.

Come along at 5:30pm to meet some of your fellow chairs over a drink. The meeting will start at 6pm.

Cost: Free to financial members; $40 door charge for non-financial members.

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