BCCG and ICA call for EQ assistance

30 January 2017

For some time, the Wellington Branch of the BCCG has been working closely with the Wellington Inner City Association developing a position paper calling for the government to establish a financial assistance and advisory support infrastructure for owners. Today, this paper was released to local and central government politicians and to the media.

ICA and BCCG welcome the recent financial package that has been announced to support those owners who will have to strengthen unreinforced masonry facades and parapets within 12 months. But more is needed.

The key support mechanisms outlined in the position paper are:

  • a lender of last resort facility for owners who cannot raise funds through commercial channels
  • a comprehensive technical advisory service that includes a 'toolkit' of plain English guidance on how to get started and complete the process
  • access to a free/low cost mediation service to help bodies corporate address the issues that arise with owners, their local Council, or technical professionals
  • tax deduction/credits to compensate those private commercial and residential owners fully funding public good outcomes

Read the position paper and media release.

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