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Brosnan and the BCCG

BCCG's vision is "to be the informative and supportive platform for all New Zealand based body corporate chairs and others who are similarly interested in Body Corporate issues".

Brosnan offers BCCG members and partners the opportunity to draw on Brosnan's intellectual property and experience, drawn from delivering over $250 million in remediation, refurbishment, and restoration projects. We operate within a customer-first partnership framework centred on collaboration, education, and shared learnings.

As part of our commitment to the BCCG, our resources and specialists are available to help deliver education and training that supports better multi-unit building governance, operation, and maintenance. Brosnan can provide the BCCG accessible knowledge of issues that arise in buildings over time and what can be done to avoid and mitigate them.

In partnering with BCCG and industry advocates, we jointly advocate the education of multi-unit owners through sharing our solution orientated learnings gained in undertaking building remediation, refurbishment, and restoration with multi-unit apartments.

Brosnan is uniquely positioned to provide experience-based building advice on building compliance and maintenance, along with offering bespoke financial and insurance services to help optimise asset value and give owners peace of mind.

About Brosnan

In 2010, Phil Brosnan established Brosnan Construction with the purpose of "making a positive difference" and the desire to build a sustainable business that would last for generations.

Longevity is the underlying ethos, which connects directly with our customers' needs in the remediation, refurbishment, and restoration of their buildings.

Back in 2010, Brosnan's first project was a five-storey reclad and weathertight remediation project, a poignant indicator of Brosnan's long term market position as building remediation, refurbishment, and restoration specialist.

Following the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury earthquakes, in April 2013, Phil and his brother Craig established Brosnan Construction in Canterbury to assist with the rebuild.

In December 2015, a Queenstown office was opened along with a Wellington office in April 2021 to meet the growing demand for a building refurbishment and remediation specialist in those regions.

In mid-2021, we introduced Brosnan Maintenance, reflecting the increased value we can deliver to customers beyond construction services. As a specialist in building remediation, refurbishment, and restoration, Brosnan understands this is a lengthy and costly undertaking that clients do not want to repeat or, better still, avoid.

Brosnan Maintenance is invested in the longevity of buildings. We plan maintenance programs that take care of a multi-unit building whilst ensuring the statutory safety requirements are achieved and warranties protected.

From design management, early contractor involvement and construction to long-term maintenance, as well as finance and insurance services, Brosnan provides our customers with confidence their most valued asset is in safe hands.

As we enter our 12th year of operation, our customers enjoy the continuity of a high-quality, total building lifecycle service that provides confidence that their most valuable asset is in safe hands.

"Brosnan brings genuine customer service and teamwork to the construction site. I would classify them as an open and innovative builder who works collaboratively and is prepared to share the innovation and the benefits. They have a long-term view to both their clients and the buildings they deliver."

- Jonathan Barry, Managing Director, Frequency Project Management.

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