Useful Organisations

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

  • This is the government department that is responsible for administration of the Unit Titles Act and the associated Regulations as well as a number of other Acts impacting on bodies corporate
  • MBIE's Unit Title Services website has some great overview material to help BC chairs and committees
  • Also has a search tool for all things related to building codes and standards: the Building Code Hub
  • MBIE provides an advisory service. Owners and BC Chairs/Committees can phone 0800 Unit Title (0800 864 884) to ask questions. Some BC Chairs have reported that they have found this service useful. Some of the staff are more knowledgeable than others, so don't give up the first time if you don't get an answer.
  • MBIE also provides a mediation service for disputes. You need to follow their disputes process, and submit an application. MBIE will decide if it should go to mediation or the Tenancy Tribunal. The 0800 Unit Title helpline can help you decide if it is worthwhile or possible to do this.

Strata Community Association (New Zealand)

  • professional body primarily targeted at education and professional standards for BC management companies
  • provides education and support services to the strata sector, including Chairs and Committees
  • provides a free to view on-line booklet Introducing Strata for those new to strata (body corporate) living
  • the New Zealand chapter of Strata Community Association - Australasia


  • Home Owners and Buyer's Association of New Zealand (many matters overlap with BCCG areas of interest)

Inner City Wellington

  • represents the residents, organisations and property owners who live, own and operate in the Wellington inner city community (many matters overlap with BCCG areas of interest)

Auckland City Centre Residents' Group

  • represents and advocates for all Auckland city centre residents, to Auckland Council, the Waitematā Local Board and other relevant agencies & organisations

WorkSafe New Zealand

  • is the work health and safety regulator

Tenancy Tribunal

  • The tribunal hears Unit Titles related disputes related to amounts less than $50,000. The Tribunal can formalise what is agreed at mediation, or can make a ruling on an issue that can't be resolved and issue an order that is legally binding on the parties involved in a dispute. You need to apply to have your dispute heard.
  • You can also search for and view past decisions made by the Tenancy Tribunal

Owners Corporation Network

This is an Australian organisation similar to BCCG but with a longer history. It has interesting free material but as it is an Australian site, please keep in mind:

  • In New Zealand we generally refer to Bodies Corporate, but in Australia they tend to refer more generically to Strata Schemes
  • The law and practice must be read as being applicable in Australia only (plus each state has different legislation governing Bodies Corporate or Strata schemes). New Zealand law is behind in some governance areas where anomalies have been addressed by some Australian State and Federal laws.

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