Wellington - Community Response Plan for Mt Victoria and Oriental Bay

2 September 2018

Mt Victoria and Oriental Bay Community Response Plan for Disaster or Emergency

A Community Response Plan has been prepared for Mt Victoria and Oriental Bay Area in association with the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office. It can be downloaded here. It is important to make sure that everyone in these two suburbs is aware of this plan and what to do in an emergency situation. This is where you as Chairpersons of bodies corporate can help.

Trish Given, Community Centre Coordinator for Mt Victoria and Oriental Bay, would like your help to connect apartment dwellers in Wellington as part the Wellington City Council's Connecting City Communities Project to make us more resilient in the event of a disaster or emergency.

There is also more work needed to identify locations for emergency hubs in Oriental Bay.

If you are the Chair of a body corporate in the Mt Victoria or Oriental Bay area, or know someone who is, please consider contacting Trish Given (hello@mtvichub.org.nz) so that your body corporate can be included in the direct distribution of information to help ensure resilient communities in times of disaster or emergency, as well to have a voice in the on-going development of these "living" Community Response Plans.

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