Report on Solar Energy uptake in Australian Apartments

BCCG recommends this review by Wattblock on the background to a low uptake of solar energy installations in Australian apartments

Solar energy report from Australia

We have received a recent report on the uptake of solar power in Australia released by Brent Clark, CEO of Wattblock. That followed our 23rd January news item which released the Vector EV Guidelines. The release by Brett may be viewed here >

While not directly applicable in New Zealand, the principles and methodologies discussed in the paper will be relevant.

Wattblock gave BCCG approval from Owners Corporation Network in Sydney to release the report to our members and it can be viewed here.

Vector were also able to view this report, as we sought their guidance on whether BCCG might create an information overload. Cristiano Marantes, Head of Engineering at Vector Limited advised us:
"The Wattblock report is a good report focusing predominantly on solar installations as opposed to EV charging, (which is the focus of our EV guidelines). In our guidelines we make reference to the opportunities of solar installations as EVs could be used as energy storage during high solar generation. In my opinion, sharing both documents with your members wouldn't create an 'information overload' and it would actually give them information to look at the wider picture of their energy needs and solutions."

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