An Introduction to the Body Corporate Chairs' Group in the South Island


An image of the presentation in Christchurch on Monday 20th March.  

The presentation was led by our National President, Vice President Maggie Miller and Immediate past President Lyn Gillingham and attended by an audience of about 40 members of the Unit Title community.

The meeting was organised to promote the BCCG in Christchurch and those attending were a collection of BC chairs, committee members, BC managers, Building managers, Insurance brokers and others who heard our BCCG speaker talk about the merits of being a member of the BCCG.

Geoff Nash CEO and  Richard Ashton a senior manager of Brosnan both spoke.  Brosnan is one of BCCG’s Platinum sponsors and a very strong supporter of the BCCG.

Tim Jones our National President spoke briefly on the 3 stages of the coming into force of the UT Amendment Act 2022.

The next day the BCCG team moved on to Queenstown where they spoke at a meeting arranged in conjunction with the legal firm MacTodd Lawyers and lawyer Julia Batchelor-Smith. There were about 28 or so BC chairs, committee members, BC managers and others present.  The presentations was similar to that given in Christchurch.

At both events, there was genuine enthusiasm for joining the BCCG and forming a South Island branch. Our National Executive will consider this at its next meeting.

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