BCCG Podcast Series: UTAA 2022 - is now available on-line

New Requirements under the Unit Titles Amendment Act 2022

The BCCG Executive is concerned that as the various sections of the Unit Titles Amendment Act 2022 progressively come into force there are a number of changes to responsibilities and obligations that members need to be aware of.  

Eight interviews covering the new requirements for Chairs and Committees have been recorded and uploaded to the BCCG website. 

We hope the podcasts will help to improve members’ understanding of, and compliance with, the new requirements. 

In addition to the podcasts, BCCG has set out, in a 2-Part implementation paper, the details of the three distinct stages that the Act will come into force and which sections are included in each stage. Key implementation dates are 9 December 2022, 9 May 2023 and 9 May 2024. 

Both resources can be found on the Member Resources page;

  • the Podcasts, under the side bar menu, Podcast Series UTAA 2022, and
  • the implementation paper (Part 1 and Part 2), under the heading Unit Titles Amendment Act 2022 - Progressive Implementation in Three Stages
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