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21 Dec 2017

In the last few days MBIE have made three releases that may be of interest to you or your colleagues or families.

Release of UTA Review 2016 Documents

See the Review of the Unit Titles Act page on the MBIE website to access these documents should you wish to review them. There were 119 submissions made to MBIE, of which 3 have not been published by MBIE, and in many cases the names and identification of submitters has been redacted to protect privacy.

New Building Code website

MBIE have just released information on a new Building System search engine called Building Code Hub that is aimed at improving access to a range of Building Code documentation.

Body Corporate support documents

MBIE have advised as follows:

"New guide to unit titles available

Are you buying an apartment or townhouse for the first time? Not sure what a unit title is or how to deal with a body corporate?
Then you need to download a copy of our new booklet, Short Guide to Unit Titles and our pocket card, Buying an Apartment? Know your rights!

Unit titles are a type of property which is made up of privately-owned units and jointly-owned common areas. Apartments and townhouses are the most common types of unit title properties.
The publications were produced to provide basic information about unit title properties to people who are entering the market, as well as to those who already own unit title properties.

The booklet and pocket card can be found on the About Unit Titles and Body Corporate page on the MBIE Website.

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