COVID-19 Advice for Bodies Corporate

Because COVID-19 is likely to be in our communities for quite some time, we have developed this page to keep members up to date with developments on COVID-19 issues that have a direct impact on our sector. 

The most pressing concern at present hangs on recent changes to the MIQ rules requiring travellers to NZ to self-isolate at home after leaving MIQ. 

As time and resources permit, we will add material to the page covering such matters as mask mandates, vaccination mandates, engaging contractors and rule-making powers around COVID-19.

Self-Isolation in an Apartment

As body corporate members well know, self-isolation in an apartment is very different from self-isolation in a standalone home.  The BCCG National Executive is concerned that whilst it is possible to self-isolate in an apartment, a good many apartment buildings are simply not suitable for self-isolation.  We have addressed this matter in a Discussion Paper which we have, with the support of both, the Auckland Central MP Chlöe Swarbrick and Labour list MP Helen White, represented directly to government. 

Our lobby is for is an understanding at Government (MOH) level that not all apartment buildings are suitable for self-isolation and that the Public Health authorities need to consider a range of additional criteria when assessing the suitability of self-isolation at home for a person who lives in an apartment building.  The four most compelling criteria are:

  1. Most apartments open on to ‘common property’ – most stand-alone homes do not.
  2. The person self-isolating will need to be supplied with fresh food – they cannot shop for themselves, contactless deliveries by a third party will need to be arranged.
  3. Special arrangements will be required for waste/rubbish removal.  Bagged rubbish left outside the door must be considered contaminated, so collection and disposal must be pre-arranged.
  4. Finally, and most difficult to address, many apartment buildings are airconditioned.  Does each apartment have its own closed airflow system or is airflow common to other parts of the building?  

Read more about these and other areas of concern in the Discussion Paper.

Breaking News: 26-November-2021

The Ministry of Health has today posted COVID-19 Guidance for Isolating in Apartments to its website.  The Guidance was prepared in consultation with the BCCG.  

The Guidance is step in the right direction but requires some fine tuning in our view and will need modification and revision as matters evolve over time. its not our publication of course but we will continue engagement with MOH officials to address a number of matters including: 

  1. If someone is instructed to isolate and won't comply, call the Police.
  2. Post the name of your building's "COVID Contact" in a prominent place(s) in/around your building. 
  3. Review your building against the criteria in paragraph 8 of our earlier Discussion Paper.  
  4. To comply with the Privacy Act - remind committees that they can't publish the details of a person self-isolating (either as a close contact or a COVID case) unless the person grants consent.
  5. In an evacuation the Warden should be told about the self-isolating person who may be too sick to leave the building, and will in turn tell the emergency dept. co-ordinating the evacuation

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